Tidy Tuesday Functions

February 9, 2020 - 5 minutes
tidyverse r rstats tidytuesday functions


1.Most widely learned functions are in ggplot2 and dplyr packages.

package n percent
ggplot2 17 0.175
dplyr 10 0.103
base 6 0.062
stringr 5 0.052
tidyr 4 0.041
ggimage 3 0.031
ggraph 3 0.031
lubridate 3 0.031
broom 2 0.021
cowplot 2 0.021
factoextra 2 0.021
ggmap 2 0.021
grid 2 0.021
gt 2 0.021
magick 2 0.021
purrr 2 0.021
stats 2 0.021
tibble 2 0.021


2.Chronological listing of all functions that I have learned.

data_week data_description package function_name purpose
2020-09-01 Crops tidyr nest list-column on grouping variable
2020-09-01 Crops dplyr rowwise calculate summary statistics within row
2020-09-01 Crops gt gt formatted table in tidyverse spirit
2020-09-01 Crops gt ggplot_image convert ggplot object to HTML
2020-09-01 Crops scales col_numeric maps data to colors
2020-09-01 Crops ggplot2 geom_line line chart
2020-07-28 Penguins GGally ggpairs pairwise summary statistics
2020-07-28 Penguins stats kmeans calculate kmeans clusters
2020-07-28 Penguins factoextra fviz_cluster visualize data points grouped by cluster
2020-07-28 Penguins factoextra fviz_nbclust visualize optimal cluster size test output
2020-07-28 Penguins NbClust NbClust optimal cluster size index of 30 methodologies
2020-07-14 Astronauts stringr word parse specific words in string
2020-07-14 Astronauts stringr str_remove remove character(s) from string
2020-07-14 Astronauts ggimage geom_image image to plot area
2020-07-14 Astronauts ggimage ggbackground image to chart background
2020-07-14 Astronauts ggimage geom_flag country flag to chart
2020-07-14 Astronauts cowplot draw_label label on ggplot object
2020-07-14 Astronauts cowplot draw_line line on ggplot object
2020-07-07 Coffee base scale Convert to standardized z-score
2020-07-07 Coffee base format specify # of digits
2020-07-07 Coffee tidyr pivot_longer transform from wide to long format
2020-05-26 Cocktails tidyr pivot_wider Transform tall to wide data
2020-05-26 Cocktails UpSetR upset Create upset chart
2020-05-26 Cocktails ggupset scale_x_upset Create upset chart
2020-05-26 Cocktails grid grid.text Add text to base r chart
2020-04-07 Tour here here Manage multiple filepaths
2020-04-07 Tour stringr str_trim Remove spaces start/end
2020-01-21 Spotify base seq Generate sequence of numbers
2020-01-21 Spotify dplyr slice Extract records by position
2020-01-21 Spotify base ceiling Round up to nearest integer
2020-01-21 Spotify purrr map Repeat functions off vectors
2020-01-21 Spotify purrr reduce Simplify lists to single values
2020-01-21 Spotify tidyr unnest Flatten list-columns
2020-01-21 Spotify ggplot2 geom_rug Create rug chart
2020-01-21 Spotify patchwork plot_annotation Combine charts
2019-12-17 Adoptable Dogs ggalluvial geom_alluvium Alluvial flow diagrams
2019-12-17 Adoptable Dogs viridis scale_fill_viridis Incorporate Viridis color scale
2019-12-17 Adoptable Dogs utils View Output data frame to a view
2019-12-17 Adoptable Dogs tidytuesdayR tt_load load Tidy Tuesday datasets
2019-12-03 Tickets ggplot2 coord_polar Convert chart to polar coordinates
2019-12-03 Tickets ggplot2 geom_area Create area chart
2019-12-03 Tickets lubridate ymd_hms Character to date/time format
2019-12-03 Tickets lubridate floor_date Group times
2019-11-04 Commute ggmap mutate_geocode Add geocode to existing dataframe
2019-11-04 Commute stringr str_detect check for specific string
2019-10-29 Squirrels base Sys.getenv API keys to environment variables
2019-10-29 Squirrels ggmap get_googlempap Source Google map layer
2019-10-29 Squirrels ggplot2 facet_wrap Chart clones by variable
2019-10-29 Squirrels stringr str_to_title Convert string to title case
2019-10-15 Vehicle MPH broom tidy Regression estimates
2019-10-15 Vehicle MPH magick read_impage Import image
2019-10-15 Vehicle MPH grid rasterGrob Image to grob
2019-10-15 Vehicle MPH ggplot2 annotation_custom Add image to chart
2019-09-03 Moore’s Law stats loess Calculate loess regression
2019-09-03 Moore’s Law broom augment Regression fit make tidy
2019-09-03 Moore’s Law tibble tibble Data frame from scratch
2019-09-03 Moore’s Law base log10 Calculate log
2019-08-20 Nuclear bombs gganimate animate Animate plots
2019-08-20 Nuclear bombs ggplot2 geom_tile Tile plot
2019-08-20 Nuclear bombs ggplot2 ylim Extend plot area
2019-08-13 Roman emperors ggplot2 geom_segment Segment visualizations
2019-08-13 Roman emperors ggplot2 geom_text Text adjacent to points
2019-08-13 Roman emperors lubridate update Update date components
2019-08-13 Roman emperors glue glue Combine data into string
2019-08-06 Bob Ross wordcloud2 letterCloud Word cloud in letter shapes
2019-08-06 Bob Ross tidytext unnest_tokens Sentences to records by word
2019-07-09 World Cup dplyr tally Sum variable by group in one line
2019-07-09 World Cup dplyr row_number Instance of a record in a group
2019-07-09 World Cup dplyr pull Data frame to vector
2019-07-02 Franchises waffle geom_waffle Waffle chart
2019-07-02 Franchises dplyr paste 2-row axis labels
2019-07-02 Franchises extrafont element.text (family) Custom fonts
2019-06-25 UFOs ggplot2 annotate Annotate text
2019-06-25 UFOs ggplot2 geom_curve Annotate arrow
2019-06-25 UFOs ggplot2 legend.position Customize legend position
2019-05-28 Wine reviews ggplot2 geom_violin Violin charts
2019-05-28 Wine reviews ggdark dark_mode Black background
2019-05-21 Plastic waste ggplot2 geom_smooth LOESS regression line
2019-05-21 Plastic waste ggplot2 log10_trans Logarithimic scales
2019-05-07 Class size countrycode countrycode Countries to continents
2019-05-07 Class size forcats fct_relevel Custom sort categorical field
2019-04-30 Birds ggridges geom_density_ridges Ridgeline charts
2019-04-30 Birds janitor tabyl Categorical variable frequencies
2019-04-23 Anime KableExtra kable Aestheticly-pleasing tables
2019-04-23 Anime dplyr summarize_all Summary stats all fields
2019-04-23 Anime dplyr mutate_if Function on mutliple fields
2019-04-23 Tennis ggrepel geom_label_repel Text labels in charts
2019-04-23 Tennis dplyr case_when Categorical variables to numeric
2019-03-26 Pets ggtextures geom_textured_col Image as axis label
2019-03-26 Pets magick image_read Import images
2019-02-26 Trains ggraph geom_edge_link Edges on charts
2019-02-26 Trains ggraph geom_node_point Node points on charts
2019-02-26 Trains ggraph tbl_graph Network data to tidy format
2019-02-26 Trains tibble rowid_to_column Add unique ID to dataframe
2019-02-12 Govt flexdashboard flexdashboard Multiple charts at once
2019-02-12 Govt ggplot2 geom_rect Border in chart sections
2019-02-12 Govt dplyr mutate_at Function to specific columns

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